Metro International Secondary Academy
  • Address : 2 Simonston Blvd, Thornhill, ON L3T 4L1
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  • 健身中心:所有迈拓学生入学后即可享受会员待遇, 体育场馆内包含的器械齐全, 步行3分钟到达。
  • 跑马道:多伦多三大豪宅区之一。以西7分钟车程是跑马道,两大宅分別是以西19分钟的森林山,西南方向14分钟玫瑰谷。
  • 阳光小溪:多伦多市内最大的森林公园,加拿大迈拓中学以南13分钟车程。
  • 央街:曾被载入吉尼斯记录的世界虽长街,是一条城市主轴,将多伦多分为东西两片。加大迈拓中学西南13分钟车程
  • 约克谷购物中心:多伦多的购物中心之一 加拿大迈拓中学以西13分钟车程
  • 多伦多大学:世界知名大学,代表了加拿大整个国家最高教育水平的大学。加拿大迈拓中学西南17分钟车程
  • 加拿大国家塔:CN-TOWER,多伦多最知名地标之一,世界最高的的独立建筑物之一加大迈拓中学以南16分钟车程
  • 安大略湖:加拿大最知名的湖泊,北为加金大安大略省,南为美国纽约州,一望无垠海一样的湖区。25分钟车程抵达TheBeach.
  • McGill University .麦吉尔大学
    By work,all things increase and grow
  • Concordia University
  • university of ottawa .渥太华大学
    God is the Lord of Knowledge
  • Carleton University .卡尔顿大学
    Ours the Task Eternal
  • Queen's University .女王大学
    Wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times
  • Trent University .川特大学
    Now I know in part - 1 Corinthians 13:12
  • York University .约克大学
    The way must be tried
  • Metro Academy.迈拓中学
    World Class City,World Class Education
  • University of Toronto
    As a tree through the ages
  • OCAD University
  • Ryerson University .瑞尔森大学
    With mind and Skill
  • University of Guelph .圭尔夫大学
    Changing Lives, Improving Life
  • Wilfrid Laurier University
    Truth conquers all
  • University of Waterloo
    In harmony with truth
  • Mcmaster Universtiy
    All things cohere in Christ
  • Brock University布鲁克大学
    Surgite! (Push On!)
  • Western University
    Truth and usefulness
  • University of Windsor .温莎大学
    [Teach me] Goodness, discipline, knowledge
Mariska graduated with distinction from the University of Toronto with aHonours Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Psychology and Neuroscience. She then continued to pursue her Bachelor of Education degree at OISE-UT.
It must be remembered that the purpose of education is not to fill the minds of students with facts... it is to teach them to think and always think for themselves.
Filomena is a practicing artist and curator currently focusing on using fashion as the medium for her art. Filomena holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Masters Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from York University, and a Masters of Fashion from Ryerson University.
Iris graduated from University of Ottawa, Master degree of education, in the concentration of second language teaching. Iris is ICOES certified TESOL/TEFL teacher with sufficient experience in IELTS instructing in Ottawa.
Michelle graduated from University of Western Ontario in the Business Administrative program. She has experience working in colleges as a Student Advisor in the International Student department.
Theresa graduated from Bishop’s University with Economics Honour degree. She is also Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant with an extensive background in customer service and Canadian immigration acknowledge.
Elaine is a passionate educator specializing in helping international students adapt and succeed in a foreign environment through community involvement and activities outside the classroom.
Kamil is a graduate of the University of Toronto with aHonours Bachelor of Science. Kamil specializes in Biology and Chemistry. He has taught large classrooms and also tutored students individually in small groups.
Brian completed his Degree from Wilfred Laurier. Brian's interest in physical education and film history has been a great asset to our students' after school programs. Brian competes as a marathon runner and cyclist and brings this healthy living attitude to our afterschool programs.
Samantha graduated from York University majoring in Sociology and minoring in Law. During her university career she held the position President of the Portuguese Association at York University, where she provided leadership to the executive team.
Alana obtained her Bachelor of Arts and her Masters Degree from the University of Western Ontario, majoring in History and Geography.She then pursued her Bachelor of Education degree at OISE-University of Toronto.
Marty Rempel received his Masters degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Alberta and has been involved in all levels of education from kindergarten to University and adult education over the last four decades.
1:8 加拿大迈拓中学拥有一支优秀的教师团队,专业课程1:8小班授课,公共课程1:20小班授课。更小的班级使老师有精力关注每个学生并激发他们的学习兴趣