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Filomena N. G.
Department: Fashion and Art Consultant
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Filomena N. G.
Department: Fashion and Art Consultant 时尚与艺术

Filomena is a practicing artist and curator currently focusing on using fashion as the medium for her art. Filomena holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Masters Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from York University, and a Masters of Fashion from Ryerson University.Filomena’s pursuit of art is motivated by her interest in communicating life narratives and what it means to be human. Filomena also shares her knowledge of art, fashion, and life as a presenter at university conferences, such as at the “Textual Fashion Conference” held at the University of Brighton, in the United Kingdom. In practice, Filomena recently curated a fashion exhibition, “Fashioning Life: Wear
Your Story”, at the Design Exchange Museum in Toronto.
Filomena 是职业艺术家和策展人,目前专注于用时尚作为她的艺术媒介。Filomena 在约克大学跨学科研究中持有美术学士和硕士学位,并取得瑞尔森大学时装硕士学位。曾在英国布莱顿大学“Textual Fashion Conference”上做过艺术,时尚,生活方面的分享,其他相似的活动不胜枚举。实践方面,最近在多伦多的设计交换博物馆策划了名为“时尚生活,穿出你的故事”的展览。