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Kamil K.
Department: Science
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Kamil K.
Department: Science 科学系

Kamil is a graduate of the University of Toronto with aHonours Bachelor of Science. Kamil specializes in Biology and Chemistry. He has taught large classrooms and also tutored students individually in small groups. Kamil coaches and participates in man sports including:Fencing, Soccer, Badminton, Tennis, Basketball, Track and Field, Football and Volleyball. Kamil is a professional Fencing Coach. With his diverse experience and compassionate approach, Kamil succeeds in meeting the needs of each student.Miguel completed both his undergraduate Degree and teaching Program at the University of Toronto. Miguel double majored in Science and English. With his outstanding education and lengthy experience, he has taught a variety of courses in our school with great results.Miguel hosts an annual scavenger hunt to introduce new students to our city and his clues have become those of legends. Miguel is liked by all the students and colleagues and always goes beyond what is expected to ensure that his students receive the best education possible.Mariska graduated with distinction from the University of Toronto with aHonours Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Psychology and Neuroscience. She then continued to pursue her Bachelor of Education degree at OISE-UT. Mariska has enjoyed teaching Mathematics and Science for six years, and coached the Math and Science afterschool clubs where students can conduct experiments to test their proposed theories. Throughout her career as a teacher, Mariska has also volunteered at schools to help students gain better reading skills and to promote interest in Science.
Kamal 是多伦多大学理学学士荣誉学位的毕业生。Kamal 专门从事生物和化学教学,大小班级教学经验以及一对一教学均经验丰富。课余时间,Kamal 积极参与学校的体育活动并担任教练,项目包括:击剑,足球,羽毛球,网球,篮球,田径,足球和排球。此外,Kamal
还是一个专业的击剑教练。Kamal 用他的丰富经验和对教学的热情,成功地满足每个学生的学习需求。