Metro International Secondary Academy
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Department: Social Science
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Alana obtained her Bachelor of Arts and her Masters Degree from the University of Western Ontario, majoring in History and Geography.She then pursued her Bachelor of Education degree at OISE-University of Toronto. She has received several awards, with the most recent ones being in the Dean’s Honours List 2008-2013 at University of Western Ontario, 2nd Place Fitness Competitor – Provincially Qualified in the Ontario Physique Association, and 1st Place in the Showstoppers Dance Competition. At MISA, Alana allows her passion in teaching and attentiveness for her students in ensuring their academic success.Samantha graduated from York University majoring in Sociology and minoring in Law. During her university career she held the position President of the Portuguese Association at York University, where she provided leadership to the executive team. Samantha has extensive volunteer experience assisting students with special needs and working with ESL students. She also has experience coaching girls basketball teams, encouraging students, and fostering an environment that promotes all types of development; physical, mental,and emotional.

Alana 获得西安大略大学文科学士和硕士学位, 双主修历史和地理。之后,她在多伦多大学教师学院进修了教育学士学位。她曾获得多个奖项,最近期的是被列入西安大略大学2008-2013 系主任荣誉学生名单中,其次还获得了安大略省健美比赛第二名和舞蹈大赛的第一名。在加拿大迈拓中学, Alana 坚持把自己的热情带入到教学和对学生的关注中,以确保学生获得相应的学术进步。